On Friday 14th August 2018, a field visit will be organized for participants. It will take place in Rulindo district some 60Km north-west of Kigali city. Participants will have the opportunity to witness first-hand the way of life of mountain people in this area and appreciate their culture and products.


The sites to be visited are located in a remote area with rough roads on a stretch of at least 18 km beyond the tarmac road. Participants are therefore advised to bring comfortable shoes (eg. hiking shoes) and comfortable clothes. In addition, you may need cold weather attire since the place is sometimes cold it may rain even if we are in a dry season.


The field visit is free of charge for everyone who will participate in the trip to Rulindo sites. However, a tour of Kigali city has been planned for participants who will be short on time (whose flights cannot allow full day) and this tour will take them to sites in Kigali such as the National Memorial site and the Kandt Royal Museum. For the Museum, an entrance fee is normally charged and the amount will be communicated to the group prior to departure.


The objective of this visit is to enable participants to experience first-hand good practices for sustainable mountain development and realize the importance of mountain ecosystems in sustaining the livelihoods of mountain communities. In addition, participants will be able to experience Rwandan culture and how traditional mountain communities live.

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